180 Degrees Consulting is the world’s largest non-profit consultancy that is managed entirely by top university students. For a voluntary donation, we provide consulting services to socially conscious organizations and together bring the greatest ideas to life. Latvian branch of 180DC has been established in 2012 and already completed projects with recognized organizations like World Wildlife Fund and Baltic Regional Fund.

180DC Riga consultants are among the top students of the best business school in the Baltics — Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. We are excited about helping your organization to grow or overcome any problems it might face.

Operational efficiency

Many NGOs struggle with finding enough resources to continue or expand their operations. 180DC has solid experience with cases related to improving NGOs financial stability, e.g. creating and improving fundraising strategies and optimizing costs. To deliver the best results we conduct research and data analysis, examine relevant industry cases, and come up with tailored and professional solutions.

Financial stability and fundraising

High turnover of volunteers, inefficient use of resources, not having enough data on operations to optimize them — all these are major problems for organizations. 180DC works with recruiting new volunteers and reducing volunteer turnover, expanding NGO operations and improving its efficiency, and conducting digital transformation by using quantitative methods (CAPI, CATI, etc.), qualitative field research, developing and testing KPIs, suggesting and installing relevant digital solutions.


Many NGOs are doing great social work, but don’t achieve their full potential due to not having a developed long-term strategy and vision. 180DC helps with developing tailored strategies for every specific NGO, taking into account its realities. Our strategies are based on data and best industry examples. 180DC also helps with applying strategy by preparing implementation plans and organizing strategy sessions.

PR and Marketing

Publicity is significant for NGOs since sponsors and volunteers favour recognisable organisations. Some of the 180DC experts worked in marketing and international media, and we know how to organise sustainable PR and marketing. We work both with high-level questions (such as general marketing strategy, plan, style) and with low-level ones (such as launching specific campaigns).

Why collaborate with us?

Top students. We have a rigorous approach and select only a small percentage of best students who show great academic performance and outstanding social activity.

Mentors in largest consulting companies in the Baltics and CIS. You can be sure that your project is also overseen by professional managers with many years of experience.

Massive international experience and connections. We are supported by offices in 35 countries: from the USA to Japan. Our students themselves work in top consulting and finance companies in the Baltics.

Free of charge — we are a volunteer organization and are eager to do a social impact. We don’t charge for this.